Home story Claudia

Home Story with Claudia (40)

Name: Claudia
Age: 40
Occupation: Commercial clerk
Resident of: Viersen
Hobbies: Crafts and sport

Questions about crafts:

Why do you enjoy crafts so much?

Crafts are a great pastime. The time I spend making things together with my daughter is brilliant for our mother-daughter relationship. We completely disappear into our craft world and forget everything else that is going on around us, including the time. I really like making things with my daughter because we often create lovely little gifts that the recipients are always really pleased to have been given.

Who do you do crafts with and for what occasions?

I do a lot of crafts with my daughter for birthdays and celebrations. We regularly make seasonal decorations for our house.

How do you come up with the ideas?

I collect the various instructions from our daughter Mara, on the internet and in craft magazines. I rarely buy the magazines myself.

What are your favourite materials and why?

I prefer to use various kinds of paper (different colours, thicknesses and materials) and window paints.

Tell us what your favourite thing is to make and why you like it so much.

I love making various paper aeroplanes because it is great fun to play with them. There are so many ways of making paper aeroplanes out of a piece of A4 paper. First of all, you can decorate the paper very colourfully, then fold it in one or other of the well known ways. Sometimes we even have a competition where we test out our paper aeroplanes in the garden to see which one flies the furthest.