Compact Glue Roller

Key facts

The clever solution for occasional use with 8.5m tape length. It's tightening screw allows you to quickly remove loops should they occur. This roller is available in a permanent and non-permanent version.

Product Features

Whatever you need
Permanent or non-permanent

This Pritt Glue Roller is available in two versions: Permanent - Red Nib - for permanent gluing of paper, photos and cardboard on paper, cardboard, synthetic material and glass

  • Non Permanent - Yellow Nib - for temporary and repositionable gluing of paper, photos and cardboard on paper, cardboard and smooth surfaces.

Application areas

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Photos
  • Glass

Additional information

Pritt Guarantees
Flexible and notched nib
Thanks to the flexible and notched nib technology a smooth application is guaranteed - from beginning to end!

Step by Step


Position the paper on a flat, steady surface.

1.  Position nib evenly on the paper

2.  Roll smoothly

3.  Tilt roller upwards

4.  Lift off