Refill Glue Roller

Key facts

How versatile and easy can gluing be? The Pritt Refill Glue Roller is available in 2 versions: permanent and non-permanent - both are refillable. It glues paper and cardboard on even surfaces - for example photos in an album. One refill (14m) glues up to 230 photos!

Product Features

Whatever you need
Permanent or non-permanent

This Pritt Refill Glue Roller is available in two versions:

  • Permanent - Red Nib - for permanent gluing of paper, photos and cardboard on paper, cardboard, synthetic material and glass
  • Non Permanent - Yellow Nib - for temporary and repositionable gluing of paper, photos and cardboard on paper, cardboard and smooth surfaces.

Application areas

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Photos
  • Glass

Additional information

Pritt advanced technology
Flexible and notched nib

Thanks to the flexible and notched nib technology a smooth application is guaranteed - from beginning to end. This feature is patented in many countries.

Pritt guarantees

Pritt Refill Glue Rollers are:

  • solvent-free
  • acid-free ...

... and made in Germany.

Step by Step


Position the paper on a flat, steady surface.

1.  Position nib evenly on the paper

2.  Roll smoothly

3.  Tilt roller upwards

Easy to refill...

... with Pritt Refill Cassettes: just open the housing by pushing the button at the top and change the cassette.
Refills save you money and help protect the environment.